If you love nomadic life and want to make the most out of your time, energy, and money, then Ireland should be your next travel destination. This country has a glorious history, rich culture, tempting cuisines, and magnificent landmarks.

Those who have read “Forty Shades of Green,” must have an idea about the beautifully changing weather of Ireland. Doesn’t Ireland sound like an ideal destination? We have come up with some assortments that will further convince you to spend your vacation in the awe-inspiring territory of Ireland.

A Plethora of Historical Places

Apart from offering you a good time, if you’re keen to get insights into the history of different lands, then this country will quench your thirst by providing you with a rich history. This land comprises of a variety of famous landmarks, museums, monuments of chronological importance, and ancient artifacts that should be visited at least once in your life. There are many structures offering you a reflection of Ireland’s glorious past; including Dublin Castle, National Museum of Ireland, Ardgillan Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, and Trinity College Library.

Musical Tradition

Wherever you go in Ireland, you will get to listen to its traditional music everywhere at unceremonious sessions. By music, we don’t mean musical concerts or stage shows that have to meet some specific standards. Rather, this music is played by the local musicians who inspire tourists with their outstanding music skills.

Europe’s Most Vivacious Cities

The region in question comprises of the overly vibrant cities of the whole of Europe. Dublin is popular among the younger generations to the extent that they mostly plan their parties here. Belfast also is speedily catching up. Other towns have much on offer as well, from parades to exhibitions, from traditional events to highbrow festivals. To cut it short, Ireland is full of lively inhabitants who love to celebrate and share their celebrations with the outsiders and tourists as well.

Natural Landscapes

Slieve League is one of the finest unspoiled natural landscapes in Ireland. Europe’s loftiest sea-cliffs are accessible only through a curving local road. There are no tourist facilities or a ticket office, but there is an information sign, a car park, and miles of unharmed coastline. In addition, those developed and costly attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher are also undamaged.

Irish Pubs

Yes, from Outer Mongolia to Ohio, you can nearly everywhere find those “Irish Pubs”. However, according to some people, if you haven’t had Guinness cake in an Ireland Pub, you have not lived. The land is famous for its pubs and inns. So, all the visitors who love going to bars have an additional opportunity to visit these pubs.

Auld Country

In spite of everything, Ireland can be your “Auld Country” as well. There are chances that you have some Irish ancestors down the line. You shouldn’t even be amazed because if you belong to Canada, Australia, USA, or any other far away region where British once ruled; then it is likely that you share some common roots with the locals!